What is AILU?

AILU is a well-established, independent not-for-profit organisation run by and for the laser community. AILU is the leading organisation dedicated to meeting the needs of laser users.

AILU, a UK based organisation, is run by and for the UK laser community, though about 15% of its membership is international. Members include the main players in manufacturing industry, job shops and research organisations as well as manufacturers and suppliers of lasers and laser-related equipment and services.


laser cuttingAILU was formed in 1995 and is recognised worldwide as unique in the high level of practical advice it is able to offer on technical and business matters related to laser applications in manufacturing. It is a leader in fostering co-operation and collaboration within the laser community, promoting best practice in industrial laser materials processing and allied technologies and to support the maintenance and improvement of standards for laser safety and performance.


    Key Benefits of AILU Membership

  • The AILU Magazine: The Laser User
  • The AILU Website: Forums; Virtual Laser Expert (Laser FAQs); Design for Laser Manufacture: hundreds of technical articles; picture library.
  • Training and Networking: Free consultancy; Workshops; Member Directories; Special Interest Groups.
  • Website: free multiple entries in AILU's Products and Services Directory.

    Who is AILU for?

  • Laser users in all sectors.
  • Those using lasers or laser fabricated components as part of an in-house manufacturing process.
  • Laser job shops.
  • University departments; research institutes and consultants in laser development, use and laser processing.
  • Machine builders; laser system integrators; and equipment suppliers.
  • Associations and other organisations with a direct or indirect interest in laser technology and applications.

The AILU Magazine

AILU MagazineThe Laser User magazine is AILU’s in-house quarterly magazine. It is a members-only magazine with a primary circulation to those active within the industrial/commercial laser community. It is widely circulated and well read within Corporate Member companies and freely distributed at laser events and trade shows.

The magazine is highly praised for the quality of its material. Packed with useful information for both the novice and experienced user, it includes peer reviewed articles with extensive expert comments (to help give a balanced view and to broaden the scope of the paper).

“.... the best source of practical laser user information available anywhere.”

Subjects covered in the magazine include developments in laser sources and optics, state-of-the-art reviews of applications and a wide range of papers on safety standards and practice as well as business aspects of laser technology.

The magazine is ISSN registered, articles are peer reviewed and members are actively encouraged to contribute articles; letters, news and comments are also welcome.

The AILU Website

The AILU website at www.ailu.org.uk comprises an open area, a registered visitor area and a members area. The open area provides lots of useful information including a directory of the laser-related products and services offered by AILU members,
information about key laser processes and applications, job vacancies, a calendar of forthcoming events, news items, and links to other laser information sites including many regional, national, European and international networks and the Photonics Knowledge Transfer Network.

The single most popular area of the site for visitors is the Products and Services Directory. Corporate members enjoy a free directory listing under all relevant categories and are emailed all sales leads arising from visitors to the site.

In the members’ area there are forums for posting questions and initiating discussions, a page for posting 'situations vacant' notices, access to hundreds of articles on laser technology and applications, a library of laser-related pictures and the members’ directory.

Members can submit news items and events to this highly-rated site and can add logos and active web links in the open area of the site, enhancing their internet presence. Web content is edited for inclusion in our quarterly magazine.

    Design for Laser Manufacture

  • AILU's outreach project, the Design for Laser Manufacture (DLM) website is available at www.designforlasermanufacture.com.
  • The site is directed primarily at design engineers to encourage them to browse through pictures (of laser manufactured parts), video clips, presentations and documentation, with the aim of inspiring them to 'think laser' at the start of the design process. Members are encouraged to provide material for the site. The site also provides a useful vehicle for AILU members to advertise their laser-related products and services.


Training and networking


Members enjoy free limited consultancy. By involving the whole membership in the consultancy activity, members are assured of practical advice on a wide range of subjects from safety to technical and business enquiries. Where necessary the anonymity of the enquirer will be preserved.


AILU members automatically qualify for access to one or more Forums on the website, through which questions can be posed and topics discussed.


AILU currently runs at least six full-day and many shorter events each year addressing all the key laser process technologies and applications. Members enjoy a generous discount to attend workshops and to exhibit. Members receive advanced notice of workshop topics with the opportunity to recommend speakers, subjects and venues.

Member directories

Members have unlimited access to the directory of corporate and individual members, with full contact details and useful background information, providing a valuable reference source for member networking.

Special Interest Groups

Currently AILU has two well established Special Interest Groups (SIGs), the Job Shop Group and the Market Development Group, that address the needs of subcontractors and of product and service providers, respectively. The newest Medical Group was launched in November 2007 and there are plans for more SIGs to reflect the increasing diversity of members' interests.

Among other group activities, members of special interest groups have their own internet forums, through which they can pose questions and discuss items of common interest.

Download Information

A full Introducing AILU propectus can be downloaded here.

Download a Design for Laser Manufacture leaflet here.

Download information about our Medical Group here.

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